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I designed and developed the official website for GTK as a part of as Google Summer of Code developer for GNOME.

GTK Website project
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Jekyll, Gitlab CI, and Jamstack
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After getting selected for GNOME, I was handed the task to rethink, redesign and redevelop the official website for GTK as a Google Summer of Code developer in 2019. The old website was written in PHP. Updating the content was very difficult and it was not concerning the Open Source Website standards. So I stumbled upon implementing a website based on Jekyll as a Static Site Generator. I implemented a method to add GTK documentation, an issue tracker, Downloads and a community page. The website is currently served over Gitlab Pages using Gitlab CI/CD. I was mentored by Emmanuele Bassi and I got to learn a lot from his experience. In October, I was also awarded with GNOME Foundation membership, which made the whole journey even more pleasant.