AI Data Science

A Data Science and AI project to play Fantasy Premier League.

Tools -  Python,  GitHub Actions,  GitHub API
FantasyAI project

I am a huge football fan, especially the English Premier League. Also, it comes with its Fantasy Premier League which allows individuals around the world to play as managers and have fun for more than 10 months. It is so intriguing and unpredictable at times that it pushes you to the edge and tests your managing skills, patience, and your ability to foresee the future. So for the 2019-20 season, I decided to write an AI that can coordinate with a human manager and give him insights on what steps to take, to maximize the team points. Its been fun writing this program and I got to learn a lot.

The major selling points of this AI are its cost managing function, ability to make decisions based on upcoing fixtures, player’s form, and give transfer advice. The above process has been automated using GitHub Actions. The results of the automation are sent via Email notifications to my mobile phone. You can read more about the project through this blog post.



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