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Two-minute read newsletter to help Google Summer of Code aspirants

December 11, 2020

Two-minute read newsletter to help Google Summer of Code aspirants blog

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On October 26, 2020, Google announced Google Summer of Code 2021. 🎉

Being a GSoCer with GNOME Foundation and now a part of their Web Team, I get a lot of requests related to GSoC preparation, how to get started, how to approach GSoC mentors, and many related queries, especially during this part of the year.

So, we have decided to start a newsletter, Insight, where we will be sending short-form posts every 2nd day to help the aspirants prepare for the Google Summer of Code 2021.

We will bring Organization mentors and former Summer of Code students to share their views and experiences with this program and how Google Summer of Code has helped them become who they are. There will be a Q&A session with each of our guests in which you can clear your doubts and prepare yourself for the adventure. We will try to provide you access to top-quality content and guidance throughout the GSoC season.

If you are a student or a mentor, you can sign up for our Google Summer of Code newsletter which we will best be starting up very soon. We have already received 200+ signups in the last 24 hours and expect more in the coming days. See you soon!

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