I'm Ravgeet 👋

I am a Full-Stack Developer and Technical Content Writer based in India 🇮🇳.

Currently, I'm working as a Software Engineer at CloudAnswers where I design and develop frontend systems in React and Next.js and integrate them with the Salesforce APIs.

I have done my Master's in Computer Science and Engineering at Guru Nanak Dev University and post-graduated in June 2022.

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🏗 Projects

Musica project


FantasyAI project


Organic Farmers Connect project

Organic Farmers Connect

SRT Convertor project

SRT Convertor


🎨 Design

Blogs Landing Page

Blogs Landing Page

GTK Website - Docs Home Page

GTK Website - Docs Home Page

Technology Stack Design

Technology Stack Design

Logo Redesign - RavSam Web Solutions

Logo Redesign - RavSam Web Solutions

🛠 Services


Software Engineering

Specialized in Software Consulting and Development related to Web apps, Mobile apps, and DevOps Automation.

Technical Content Writing

Technical tutorials, documentation and how-to guides.

✍️ Blogs


Logging in Python

When an application runs, it performs a tremendous number of tasks. A simple to-do app can have tons of tasks like - user logins, creating to-dos, updating to-dos, deleting to-dos, and duplicating to-dos. These tasks can result in success or may end ...

Build Client Payment Reminders using Twilio, Notion, and Python

Running a business requires payment handling. It doesn't matter whether you are a freelancer or a big corporation, sometimes clients forget to pay their pending dues. If you have a huge list of clients, it makes for a tedious experience to go through...

Build and Deploy a Nuxt3 app to Netlify

Imagine you want to build and deploy a Nuxt3 app on Netlify. Because custom scripts are not allowed on Netlify, you will not be able to perform custom tasks like automated testing before deploying the website to your Jamstack hosting platform. That i...

What is End-to-End Testing?

End-to-end testing, also known as E2E testing, is a methodology used for ensuring that applications behave as expected and that the flow of data is maintained for all kinds of user tasks and processes. This type of testing approach starts from the en...

Handling Undo/Redo Functions in Rich Text Editors

If you’ve ever written a blog or worked with a Content Management System (CMS), there’s a good chance you’ve heard about rich text editors – popularly known as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. A rich text editor allows users to enter ...

The Complete List of OAuth 2 Grants

Authorization is necessary to protect resources from malicious use. When the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) drafted internet protocols and rules, it also planned out different methods to protect and access resources on a server. These efforts...

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