I'm Ravgeet 👋

I am a Full-Stack Developer and Technical Content Writer based in India 🇮🇳.

Currently, I'm working as a Software Engineer at CloudAnswers where I design and develop frontend systems in React and Next.js and integrate them with the Salesforce APIs.

Besides my work, I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at Guru Nanak Dev University and will be post-graduating in May 2022.

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🏗 Projects

FantasyAI project


SteerAI project


Lab Test Booking for Soni Diagnostics project

Lab Test Booking for Soni Diagnostics

SRT Convertor project

SRT Convertor


🛠 Services


Technical Content Writing

Technical tutorials, documentation and how-to guides.

Software Engineering

Specialized Software Consulting and Development related to Web apps, Mobile apps, and DevOps Automation.

✍️ Blogs


Handling Undo/Redo Functions in Rich Text Editors

If you’ve ever written a blog or worked with a Content Management System (CMS), there’s a good chance you’ve heard about rich text editors – popularly known as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. A rich text editor allows users to enter ...

The Complete List of OAuth 2 Grants

Authorization is necessary to protect resources from malicious use. When the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) drafted internet protocols and rules, it also planned out different methods to protect and access resources on a server. These efforts...

Creating Golang CRON Jobs

Scheduled tasks allow you to run specific code at a specified interval of time and are primarily used within a CI/CD system to perform a variety of operations like nightly builds, GitHub repository cleanup, newsletters, and service monitoring, among ...

Handling Pagination in Strapi v4 with SvelteKit

If you use any kind of web or mobile application, you may have come across a data table that lets you view data by breaking it up into multiple pages. In the world of software development, this is known as pagination. Pagination is an optimization te...

Using Custom Controllers in Strapi to Power a Next.js App

Strapi continues to be the most popular free, open-source, headless CMS, and, recently, it released v4. Built using Node.js with support for TypeScript, Strapi allows developers to perform CRUD operations using either REST or GraphQL APIs. The best p...

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